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Fittipaldi Motors to conquer us with their EF7

Fittipaldi EF7

In the past The Geneva Auto Show we could know the supercar Pininfarina Fittipaldi EF7. This model finally projected production losing part of his name, because the designer Pininfarina will be left behind, in favour of facilitating the commercial work for Fittipaldi. These days the firm announced the model hit the market definitely, but according to statements of the footballer Emerson will not do so at the global level.

For several years, Emerson Fittipaldi lives in the United States with his family. In this country is where lies the headquarters of Fittipaldi Motors (architect of this model and responsible for its production and distribution) and therefore want to focus business on meeting the needs of local customers. According to Fittipaldi “the company is American. It is the place where I live. It is the place where my family lives. We want to focus on the U.S. market”.

Pininfarina EP7 Fittipaldi

We must remember that this model will cost about $ 1.5 million and there are only provided for an (initial) production of 39 units. The company that will take care of your distribution on American soil will be Coral Gables, Fla. one of the subsidiaries of Fittipaldi Motors. However, the delivery forecast to clients is marked for the end of the spring.

The funny thing the EF7 distribution is that it will not have a traditional sale network. According to the makers of the brand, there is no plan to create a network of own or external distribution, as he is expected to be the customers who get in touch with the brand to buy one of its models. This model and company, by now is an experiment, so it can afford to be customers who come to the brand to know the product.

It remains to be seen if the associations of dealers in the United States does not spoil them over as they have done with Tesla Motors. In addition, it remains to be seen if the market receives them wanting and sell production have agreed. The latter would be very good news, because if the brand is launching new products ever could see them in Europe or who knows, in Spain.

Source – Fittipaldi Motors

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