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Ford and BMW, JLR will receive British money to make autonomous cars in U.K.

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Which has mounted a United Kingdom, amid world, because of the Brexit, was normal that they put batteries to prevent its main economic sectors to leave the country. The automotive sector, as is the case in our country, is key to their economy and it seems that now the first cards are moving in this area. Different brands making their models there have asked the Prime Minister to clarify the situation and to ensure them that they will not suffer in fat by the departure from the country of the common economic area.

Theresa May has promised him on several occasions, but managers of the firms not just to believe these words. However, now comes news that seems to dissipate (a little) problems that may have some of these brands. According to Reuters, it has informed the United Kingdom Government would have contacted with responsible for Ford, BMW and Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) to offer financing to that manufactured in the country their autonomous and low-emission models.

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These three firms have historic ties to the United Kingdom and if they decide to leave the country could collapse, its economy. For this reason, since the English administration have decided to put on the table a economic package worth 110 million pounds for the development of autonomous vehicles with low emissions. This money will be divided into two headings, on the one hand there will be 68 million for the development of low-emission vehicles and other 42 million for autonomous vehicle.

This investment has been confirmed by Greg Clark, Secretary of Commerce, and has declared that “without driver and low-emission vehicles are the future and since the Government has been determined through a new industrial strategy to build such vehicles to the United Kingdom at the forefront of this revolution […] “investment in this technology is an integral part of the efforts of this Government to ensure that the car in United Kingdom industry remains competitive and leading global”.

For one thing these four firms are the only ones that have achieved funding in this program, but surely won’t be long while others adhere. Of course it is the best thing that could have United Kingdom to help brands, but it gives us the feeling that the European Union will not easy things for its abandonment.

Source – Reuters

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