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Ford Motor last production of the new EcoSport in Europe

Ford EcoSport 2018

The Renovated Ford EcoSport is coming with account drops to our market. Its global success has been rather discreet and to improve it, brand managers decided some time ago moved its production from India to Romania. This news was not new, but we were unaware of the exact moment in which the signature of the blue oval would initiate strategic movements necessary to transfer production from one continent to another.

Craiova is the city Romanian where is the factory that will take charge of manufacturing units of the EcoSport for Europe. It leaves the current generation of the urban b-Max minivan, as well as engine 1 liter EcoBoost. However, to adapt the plant to the new needs of the company have had to undertake reforms in several of its departments. The reason is that they have had to increase the production line of the Max for the reception of the EcoSport.

Ford EcoSport 2018

The investment has been approximately 200 million € uros and is within the package of investments that Ford Motor committed for our continent. Once the reforms are completed, the Romanian plant will be increased its workforce in almost a thousand employees. The reason is that the firm expected the rate of production of the EcoSport is greater than the of the b-Max and they can therefore cover the lack of demand for a model with the excess demand for the other.

Craiova has become one of the most productive centers for Ford in Europe. The reason is its strategic position and reduced labour costs. Thanks to this combination will see out more models of its production lines, as the American House still needs to improve its economic performance on the continent. Therefore after the disappearance of the current b-Max it is likely that will further cut SUV models.

In addition, since the American company has ensured that Chennai plant (which currently manufactured the EcoSport) your template will not be reduced. The loss of this model in favour of the European factory will be compensated with another model aimed at the local (or regional) market and therefore the productive capacity of the plant will continue to maintain at the levels currently.

Source – Ford

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