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Ford Motor wants the yankees to buy its EcoSport, and these are their reasons

Ford EcoSport 2018

The small SUV, EcoSport is one of the models that Ford is selling better in cutting emerging markets. With its launch in Europe, and especially in some Mediterranean markets, were a hit of reality. The model would not come at the pace that the signature of the blue oval planned and then realized that was not a product of the taste of European customers.

After realizing this, makers of the American brand they decided to make him a small facelift to improve the most critical points. After that, sales of the model appear to be better than before, however is still very far from being a rivafearsome l for the 2008 Peugeot, Renault capture or Nissan Juke. However, the big news that has brought the deep restyling has been the Ford EcoSport is that it will begin sales in a matter of days in the United States.

The problem is that the country of Uncle Sam is not a market that welcome with great effusivity to cut small vehicles. It is worth mentioning that the EcoSport is part of the B-segment and therefore compared to the f-series is something tiny. In addition, unlike other rival brands, Ford has never been present in this market segment, so have to get customers to see it on this new plot of the same.

For this reason, and to prevent another debacle in sales, Ford managers have put hands to work to convince, in one way or another, to American buyers to focus on the EcoSport and buy it. The method they are using is a series of videos in which extol the virtues of the model and how they are associated with the active life.

The first video speaks of “small travel and live in large”, the second video brand “young character” of the vehicle. The third video focuses on the “practical solutions” of the model. Finally the fourth video focuses on explaining “how you can have a small car and a still smaller House to live“.

For now you can see the first video above. It remains to be seen if Ford is able to customers of United States are fixed on your car and buy it is. Otherwise things are you could twist and a lot.

Source – Ford Motor Company

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