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Ford sees lower earnings in 2016 by the cancellation of the Mexico plant

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Exercise 2016 makes nearly a month that it has ended, however, there are still things to discuss what has happened in it. One of them main themes are them accounts annual of the main brands of cars of the world because, although the year closes of a min to another them accounts takes a little more in develop is. Some firms such as Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) and General Motors have already made them public and now turn to Ford Motor Company.

The second manufacturer of cars more big of them United States just of make public their accounts of 2016 and seems that not have been which they had desired. The signing of the blue oval has seen the fall in sales in the South American market and for the construction of the plant going up in San Luis Potosí (Mexico) passed Bill to their numbers.

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This situation would put several obstacles to overcome for the brand of face to the new year. The first would have to solve will be curb falling sales suffered in Latin america, Middle East and Africa. The second bump is to compensate the losses that resulted in the cancellation of the factory in Mexico with the benefits that can be obtained by manufacture in other plants of the group.

In numerical values Ford Motor Company has lost from the last year of 2015 2,800 million dollars. This fall of profits has meant that the value of the shares of the firm dropped 3.3 percent. However these losses not placed to the company in a situation critical since not is the first time that them suffer nor nor have been the worst of its history.

It remains to be seen if the 2017 represents a turning point for Ford and if in the United States the situation not complicates face to new investments or a sudden market braking.

Source – Ford Motor Company

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