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Ford will build a new technology center in the India

Ford EcoSport 2015

Ford Motor Company is one of the few manufacturers of cars committed worldwide to sell the same model in all markets where it is present with minimum changes. Until relatively recently he did so, however since he began to save on development costs and manufacturing discovered that he could sell the same car in two markets with different tastes without having to invest in costly adaptations.

Thanks to this way of working we now share the same Ford Mondeo and Fusion both in Europe and United States. Other models that follow this same philosophy are the Ford EcoSport and the new Ka +. However, and although the signature of the oval is doing more than good, in any other model just does not even give the key to make it a success in all markets sold.

Ford KA+ 2016

This is what has happened with the whole urban road EcoSport. This model has been a real best seller in the India and Brazil, countries to which was targeted initially. However in his eagerness by continue growing in the market of them SUV, Ford decided to transform it and sell it in other markets as the European. However, this transformation has not had the success expected in Europe.

The reason was that its manufacture was installed in the India and the finishes of the model were more tightly. After this error the brand decided to move European production to the city of Craiova (Romania). However, Ford remains committed to India as one of its most important development centers and sales you get in this market are very succulent.

This brand will invest $ 195 million in the next five years to create a new center of technology and business in the city of Chennai, in the South of the India. In it will develop new models, products, services and solutions of design for the mobility of the future. This Center will give work to other three thousand people who will join the twelve thousand that will begin work at another Center which is scheduled for the year 2019.

Source – Ford Motor Company

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