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Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. (FHI) changed its name to Subaru Corporation today

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In 1953 was born Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd., also known by its initials as FHI, although its origin dates back to the year 1917; Yes, just a century ago. This giant is the Japanese car manufacturer Subaru, a mark that, although in our country it is not the most popular, has an important role globally, and especially in the United States, thanks to its prestigious boxer engines and its integral traction system.

On the occasion that Japanese brand gain presence in his own image, and also to celebrate the centenary of what would later become Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd., the manufacturer changed its name to Subaru Corporation today. In recent years FHI was practically 100% Subaru, so this change of name is quite logical.

Subaru XV

The change of name of the manufacturer is no surprise, since it was approved at the end of June 2016 at a meeting of shareholders. Nor is it coincidence that starting today, April 1, since the new fiscal yearbegins. On the other hand, Subaru and Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. have obtained a few large financial results in recent years, climbing a number of points on your total benefits.

The main markets for Subaru are North America and Japan, Europe being a minority market for the brand. In North America, approximately 65% of the production is sold total of brand, a percentage that says much of the appreciation of the Americans by this Japanese brand. Admittedly, some models seem to be designed for American tastes, with very sturdy Interior.

Incidentally, Subaru is present in 90 countries around the world. Its main objective for 2020 is to increase their sales, quality and dynamics, something that surely will help the new modular platform that has just be released by Subaru XV, its all great skills outside of the asphalt road.

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