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Here’s the first teaser for the Mercedes-AMG GT which we will see in Geneva

Mercedes-Benz-AMG GT Salón de Ginebra

The Geneva Auto Show will open its doors in a matter of days and brands are preparing their heavy artillery to surprise themselves and others. In the case of Mercedes-Benz and AMG sport division will take a new concept car that will show us a possible “new” model with four doors and bodywork coupé.

With this model the GT of AMG range will grow beyond current coupes and cabrios has. The Mercedes-AMG GT4 (as it could be called) would be developed exclusively to fight the King in its class, the Porsche Panamera. Brand engineers would have used a modified version of the modern platform (modular type with rear propulsion) ARM of AMG for conception.

The design of the Mercedes-AMG GT4 looks very good. In the image that the Star House has released only we can observe the rear. The shape that has is rounded and is crowned by a very sloping rear window. We know the size of your body, but if you are competing against the Porsche Panamera should be in the almost five meters in length.

Mercedes-AMG GT C Coupé

In this body, there would be room for four-door that would be disguised by the location of the handles that give access to the interior. Rear lights keep the design of family, but are now more fine and seem to have inside an opaque piece of the same colour as the body. Bumper has two at the ends of the side air vents and a diffuser which is adorned by an exhaust outlet that lets us know that under the front Hood could be very fat.

In the profile of the GT4 Mercedes-AMG have various design details. The first, and mentioned above, four doors and its concealment in body. The second element is that GT4 lacks rear-view mirrors, because they have been replaced by cameras installed in the pillars of the model. Close the side of the car with an exclusive design alloy wheels and two-tone that could haunt the 20 or 21 inches in size.

In addition to this photo, Mercedes-AMG has stated that at the Geneva car show “brand will provide an early view of its four-door sports car”. His mechanics has not been confirmed, but is expected to have block gasoline biturbocharged in V8 configuration with 4 liters of engine displacement and a close to the 600 HP power. This block would be attached to an automatic cutting with two clutches and seven-speed gearbox. However, the power of similar coupé will arrive at the wheels of the rear axle.

More details when the Swiss event opened its doors; but we are sure that there will be more leaks.

Source – Mercedes-AMG

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