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Honda: If not reliability and performance for Australia

V6 Turbo de Honda para la F1

In the absence of a few days that takes place the first Grand Prix of the year, Australia GP, the season kicks off complicated for our people, especially for Alonso with the serious problems of the Honda engine and discouragement that has sown in the pre-season test. Start the countdown and every hour or every day that passes means that Honda has less and less time to solve their problems in the face the first real test of the season.

Honda has developed an engine that seems less potent than in the last year, according to some sources, although expect to believe this because it is not official. In the test have not been able to tighten the most and perhaps some conclusions come from there, but as I say we must be cautious and wait if it is true or not has less horsepower than last year. If so, the times would be even worse than the of last season by far, since the increase in drag in this year with the reduction of CV would be disastrous…


Other foci of attention to the Sakura are the reliability problems that had. The first with the oil tank, that was something without too much importance and that could solve. The problem is that then came others more serious that seem to come from high vibrations that has the Japanese engine. The Japanese did not see those problems at the test bench, so vibrations could come from the stand or fixing of the engine in the McLaren Honda, Woking would also be involved in the resolution of these.

These tremendous vibrations make sure the suffered electronic problems these days and that they have staged numerous red flags. However, other sources claim that the problems come from the ICE and new materials to reduce weight… and that would be more difficult to solve, at least in the short term. But now Hasegawa has revealed a RACER that: “the problems of reliability I think that we can resolve them before Melbourne. […] However, the current concept of power unit is correct and in some races we will be able to introduce some updates to get a little more power.“.”

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