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Honda will bring to New York the plug-in hybrid Clarity and the electric

Honda Clarity Fuel Cell

When Honda presented to the whole world its Clarity Fuel Cell many were surprised. The Japanese firm has failed to succeed with their hybrid cars with the same force that has succeeded Toyota. However, perpetrators know that they must be distinguished by something that is not there, and the chosen market niche has been the development of hydrogen fuel cell-powered cars.

Now that the Clarity is already for sale in some markets and it seems that it is working, at Honda have decided that they have to present the rest of brothers in their range. The pure electric and plug-in hybrid versions as they have been developed and tested and will be a matter of months to see them for the first time in a motor show.

The current Honda Clarity should receive a facelift in the middle of this year and taking advantage of this situation, Honda would have decided to launch the full range. Therefore, as reported by those responsible for marketing of the Japanese firm, Clarity series will be presented in full when the Next New York Auto Salon opened its doors to the public.

Honda Clarity Híbrido y Eléctrico

To cheer us waiting until she cites the New York is held, Honda has decided to launch a first official image. In it you can see the three versions that will have the Clarity (Fuel Cell, electric and plug-in hybrid) Although the final design that will look is grayed out so that you can not see the designers work on your image.

We don’t see much in this photograph does not prevent us knowing that Honda will not touch too much Clarity design. The reason is that your strokes are still current and impactful, making it a unique car beyond wherever he goes. Therefore it will continue to maintain its characteristic body with a discreet height for your type of vehicle and one greater width to highlight its strength in road.

When the firm decided to launch the Clarity in its three versions , you will reach more than fifty countries. This Honda they expect that their sales of cars powered by clean energy will grow until they become one-third of them by the year 2030.

To know your details of benefits, autonomy and saving will be that wait for the New York Auto Salon opens its doors or more leaks occur. While it will be hoping to follow.

Source – Honda

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