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If you have 3 million euros is the time to invest them in a black Ferrari F50

Ferrari F50 a subasta

The Supercars car with a few decades behind them are a huge economic bubble. This is being exploited by the more affluent, who are able to invest millions of euros in units exclusive or in very good condition, as the Ferrari F50 , which occupies these lines.

The Ferrari F50 never was so dear as the F40, but it certain is that is a vehicle so advanced to its time that to none us mind have it in the garage, more even seeing their levels of quote. This unit is one of the four who received the black color to decorate your beautiful body. The production of the Ferrari F50 was limited exclusively to 349 units and only reached 55 to the United States, of which 2 were painted in black.

Ferrari F50 a subasta

Any vehicle that look the “cavallino rampante” with a few years behind him is a special car, but it is even more a Ferrari F50. If have in has that, besides them few units produced, this unit that see in them images has travel according to its table of watches just 2,090 miles (little more than 3,300 kilometers), is of wait that your price is is to the reach of very few people. According to RM Sotheby’s, the company that auctioned it in Arizona, will be delivered in Exchange for 3 or $ 3.5 million, 2.8 or 3.3 million euros.

Us gives us shame that a car such as the Ferrari F50, specially designed to enjoy the purest driving, you have covered few miles throughout his life. This particular car was produced in 1995. Your heart is a V12 of 4.7 litre atmospheric associated to a box of changes manual of six marches. Yield 520 HP which together with its lightweight construction with carbon fibre are able to catapult it past the 320 km/h, and can make the 0 to 100 in 3.6 seconds. An authentic jewel of the engineering.

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