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Imagining a BMW M5 Touring with X-Tomi Design

Render BMW M5 Touring por X-Tomi Design

They have not passed nor two weeks since give BMW unveiled the new generation of its intermediate size, the BMW 5 Series Sedan and already we have seen renderings of how it could be the new BMW M5, the most powerful variant of this model which will come expected a few months after the normal range to land. X-Tomi Design, as well as let us see a possible aesthetic of the BMW M5, now dares with a BMW M5 Touring.

BMW has not had the need in these decades of producing a familial variant of its most powerful variant within the series 5, i.e., a BMW M5 Touring range. However, would not be a bad play for the German, even taking into account firm that it would enter into a new battle with its direct competition such as Audi and Mercedes, which have the Audi RS6 and Mercedes-AMG E63 in family body.

BMW likely continue with its philosophy and does not offer this new generation of the 5 series, with internal denomination G30, An M5 Touring. A few days ago X-Tomi Design showed us his exercise in digital design with the image of a BMW M5, now it does the same with the familiar version. Basically have taken as base the same traits sports that created in the render of the M5 and them have moved to the version of bodywork family.

Therefore, we have a very sharp lines and a fairly aggressive aerodynamic kit front with generously sized air inlets and the same tires with five fine radios. The color used for this render has been the same tone blue. The only easy to find the difference between the two render, in addition to the distinct silhouette in one and another model, appears in the rear-view mirrors, which have different design and color, being of the same tone in the image of the conventional BMW M5 and black for this BMW M5 Touring.

Although BMW has not yet confirmed the mechanics that will use the M5, it is expected that you mounting the V8 biturbo with 600 HP 4.4-litre approximately. If the company was launched into the pool with a sports and family variant it would furnish exactly the same drive. As a curiosity, BMW M5 will be available for the first time with integral traction (although it may also be requested with rear propulsion), what would make you the perfect opponent for the Audi RS6.

Source – Design X-Tomi

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