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Important movements of Heads of design at Nissan and Infiniti

Shiro Nakamura antiguo diseñador de Nissan

All change work or undertaking in any or several times during our life. That he told competition pilots, or mismamente, to the players. The same happens with employees from senior members of the different car manufacturers. Sometimes, they pass from a brand to another, even if they are direct competition. Engineers, in charge of the Department of communication, designers or any employee of a factory.

The vehicle design is a very important section for any automotive company. In addition to hitting with the tastes of consumers, the image of a car, both outside as inside, you must (or should) reflect the DNA of any brand of cars; and of course, get a good aerodynamics and cooling. Is for this reason that today is as important a body and a cockpit design, and so the designers play an important role.

Alfonso Albaisa nuevo jefe de diseño en Nissan

Recently we have known a series of movements in the ranks of Nissan and Infiniti. Signature premium Japanese has been appointed As new Chief Designer Karim Habib. Habib arrives instead of the American designer Alfonso Albaisa, who goes to take care of the design by Nissan. The Chief Designer of Nissan which decides to leave mark is Shiro Nakamura, who will retire at the end of this month after associate mark nothing less than 17 years old.

The footprint left by Shiro Nakamura in the Japanese brand is very important. Designer head, in 17 years, has been the standard bearer of vehicle designs as important for the company as the Nissan 350Z, the Qashqai, the urban Juke and Leaf and even the Nissan GT-R. We remind you that Nissan “saved” from bankruptcy thanks to the Qashqai, whose success in sales is still present today. His relief, Alfonso Albaisa, takes in Infiniti from 2013, having worked on the designs of the QX30 and QX50, in addition to the prototype Q80 Inspiration.

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