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Infiniti Q60 Black S, aggressiveness in its purest form with 500 HP

Infiniti Q60 Black S

Yesterday I showed a preview of the new project of Infiniti, Q60 Black S. The brand premium Japanese belonging to Nissan showed us a teaser image that we saw a front with dyes very sporty and aggressive, which is not something very common in the Japanese firm. Now, we can already say that, actually, it’s an Infiniti Q60 Black S. A Sports Coupe that it could put in distress to many Western models.

The aesthetics of this prototype let us clear that Infiniti has not sought in this case high doses of comfort and neither tries to seduce us with great luxury. Basically they have focused on sportsmanship, and this Infiniti Q60 Black S is the demonstration that the Japanese firm, if he intends, is also capable of performing works that accelerate our pulse, rather than relaxing it as they usually get.

Infiniti Q60 Black S

The so-called vehicle information and images have been published by our British colleagues of coach. They say since this means of communication that the project is the way to celebrate cooperation between Infiniti and Renault F1 team; commenting that the Infiniti Q60 Black S uses a system of propulsion hybrid with ERS, in the purest style F1. Your power? In theory 500 HP. This places it above sedans like the BMW M4, equaling its figure of power with the more extreme version of the German, BMW M4 GTS Coupe.

Their benefits removed hiccup, but its aesthetics also. There is more to do the aerodynamic and aggressive forms of his bumper, the thick side skirts, prominent rear spoiler or rear diffuser sharply with two outs escape in the central area. If put you a few back and tell us what a proposal from Infiniti for competition in circuit we would believe it to us.

For now, it seems that it is only a prototype, but it is rumored that there are possibilities of this model to roll through the streets in a production version. If you believe in some God, pray; and if you will visit the Geneva Motor Show, don’t forget to stop by the booth of Infiniti.

Source – coach

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