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It could be the next Tesla Roadser; dream by dream on a Toyota FT-1

Tesla Roadster

The Model S has become the advertising of Tesla Motors and technology showcase, however long before that came this electric sedan manufacturer in Silicon Valley had already made another car. The Roadster was the first electric brand vehicle and despite being seated on a Lotus chassis, its batteries and sensations at the wheel turned it into a unique car. Especially when with the passage of time have become objects for collector.

With him, the American brand was unveiled, as if it had not been for his high degree of distinction and exclusivity never had arrived where they are today. With the disappearance of the market many customers stayed with the desire to have one, but Tesla plans to follow the path marked by Elon Musk, sooner rather than later will we have it on our roads.

Tesla Roadster render

This information has already been confirmed by the founder of the mark on several occasions. However, as the saying “no eating forward”. The reason is that Tesla is focusing its financial efforts on models of high-volume (Model S, Model X and future Model 3) so, for now, there is no budget to embark on a deficit model as the Roadster.

However, the horizon is arrival and as Elon Musk has said it will cover the 0 to 100 km / h in just 2.5 seconds. This information has been confirmed by the own Elon Musk via its official Twitter account since you mentioned that the new Roadster will be the model faster when it goes on sale.

Additional information about this new Tesla Roadster there, but Jan Peisert has created a render as this future iteration could be. The basis taken is of all a Toyota FT-1 and thanks to his knowledge of photoshop and design has created a beautiful machine. For now we will have to content ourselves with what is there, but please, you don’t watch the video because it is live art.

Source – Peisert Design

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