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It surprise of Tesla? That all its new cars already can be autonomous

Tesla coches autónomos

The week past Elon Musk stated on his Twitter account that the 17 Monday we would report a great novelty for the Tesla brand that we won by surprise and not dared. Some technical detail made this information is delayed, announcing the own Elon Musk that the news would be April 19, i.e., yesterday.

The important news of Tesla is, neither more nor less than all its new vehicles are already 100% designed for fully autonomous driving. Yes, how you read it. The Californian company’s Elon Musk says that their cars are already autonomous, so it could go from a point A to a point B safely and without any intervention of the driver.

Tesla has already completed the development of its new hardware, which will be introduced from now on in all its new models (Tesla Model 3, Model S and Model X) and that, in the absence of a software update, will be completely autonomous. This, broadly speaking, means that Tesla has virtually all the technology “important” ready to install in its new cars, although they need to complete the upgrade of the software; something that, once ready, it takes only a few minutes to introduce vehicles.

Some of the extra elements that models will benefit from now from Tesla to adapt to this new condition are: 8 cameras that allow you to collect images of 360 degrees with a range of up to 250 meters, 12 Ultrasonic sensors that can detect objects at twice the distance that makes it the current, a new front radar able to pick up information, although poor visibility conditions and , finally, a new processor that is 40 times more fast in comparison with the current.

Radar delantero Tesla

“This system provides a view of the world than a driver if one cannot access, see in all directions at the same time and in wavelengths ranging far beyond human senses”, Tesla stated in its press release.

It seems that software development update will doing with the data collected from own drivers and customers of Tesla. This is important, and is that the first units of Tesla with this new hardware not will have safety as emergency braking features automatic maintenance of rail or adaptive cruise control, collision warning.

Elon Musk’s company still has not confirmed the date of arrival of the update of the software but, bearing in mind that the first units will leave without these AIDS to driving, it should not be too long to try to dump the upgrade to all vehicles as soon as possible.

It seems impossible, but this is a step that is very important in the world of driving and autonomous cars. Today you can already buy a car we know that someday will take you home to work, and to any other side, without having to worry at all about the driving. Only missing an update that takes a few minutes or even less than a minute to settle in our car.

Tesla held a trial demo mode within a few weeks, in which one of their cars (Intuit with an experimental update) will travel without any interference from any conductor and wide-open traffic; i.e., in what will be the day of Tesla products tomorrow.

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