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It’s over the “guy gifts” for all Tesla recharges

Elon Musk said a couple of months ago that his intention was to significantly expand the number of 632 supercargadores for their cars in 2017. So far, the famous Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X had at their disposal all charging points free of charge.

It seems that this last will change with the arrival of the 3 Model. Both the Model S and Model X are cars that have not sold many units and by those who have to pay a heavy price if we want them in our garage. However, the Model 3 is a much cheaper electric brutal sales figuresare expected from that.

What does it mean?

Musk may have thought that their charging points could be saturated seeing soaring sales of its cheaper car forecasts, so you should invest more capital in the creation of a greater number of charging stations to be able to “feed” to all his creations.


To this we must add that likely that the low cost – relatively speaking – of about $35,000 of the Model 3 will not give a wide range of benefits, so needless “doing favors” in the form of charging these clients who have not paid so much money for your car.

In this way, the owners of the Tesla Model 3 will have to purchase a recharge voucher giving access to the different supercargadores of the brand. A bonus which Musk did not want to talk much more, without say anything about their conditions and prices.

The Model X and Model S are exempt In any case, it seems that this will only affect the Model 3, while the Tesla Model X and Model S will continue to enjoy the supercargadores as until now, free of charge.

There may be customers or fans that not feeling very well this change for Model 3. To tell the truth, on the one hand, it is understandable: they should have it confirmed before opening the reserves. On the other hand, we put in the skin of Musk and also understand it, since you will need to do significant economic investments so customers can feed that large numbers of vehicles to avoid that the stations are saturated. In addition neither themselves hoped that the Model 3 would be such a success. Electricity is not free, it costs money.

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