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Kubica may try again a F1

Robert Kubica as you know was an extraordinary Polish F1 driver. It was pretty good, but during the competition in a rally suffered an accident, and his hand was seriously damaged. He feared for the safety of his hand and even came to think he would lose it, but finally did not and has recovered little by little their mobility to compete in other categories.

But F1 is another story, it is much more demanding, and now with the new cars much more. That accident retired way early to Kubica’s category as well Queen. In recent years, Kubica has been doing what he likes, driving rally cars and now has been confirmed for the WEB team ByKolles.

Coche de Kubica accidentado

Makes three years you offered to Kubica the possibility of test a single-seater during them test and thus see if could return to fly or not. But Polish turned down the offer and it did not upload, since he himself has confirmed that he did not feel confident to do well. His physical condition was not the best to do so, rejecting a possibility that maybe is not again to give. It has now changed from idea, and answer different if they offer it.

But now it has changed idea, you’d like to test an F1 and believes that it could do well. Also ensures that “have tried several simulators, and I am convinced that he could compete in 80% of the tracks, but not in all.” I have that recognize that make a test of Formula 1 is a thing and played a weekend full is another completely different. […] In my three latest seasons in F1 was able to achieve a remarkable level of performance, a level that think that now not would have. “.”

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