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LDV D90 a SUV of United Kingdom only for the Chinese market


Rarely it tends to go but the news that we bring you today is those. As we know, the car brands tend to have a business model that is often touching everyone, or almost everyone, the segments market. Rare is the signature that has no cars, SUV´s, SUVs and commercial vehicles but also there which specialize in a certain type of segment and forget the rest.

The case of the English LDV is that it focuses on a niche market. Go is the English-speaking competitor of Iveco. Your business is basically focused on the manufacture of commercial vehicles, vans, pick-up and models of this type. However, it seems that in China have very good reputation and there they wanted to perform an experiment that can get them the good sea. This essay is nothing more than making an SUV on the basis of its best-known pick-up, the T60.


The LDV D90 is a huge SUV with space inside for 7 passengers. Notice the gasket that will have this car that’s more direct competitors in China will be the Toyota Fortune and Ford Everest. The model was already presented in the Salon of the car in Shanghai last year, but was not until the conclusion of the current appointment that have decided to make public its passage to the series.


On an aesthetic level is a graceful product that cannot hide its roots pick up. It is a large, powerful and with lines that way about Chinese traditional customer. Also, with engine newly developed with 2.2 liter and 165 HP with 360 Nm of torque. This mechanic is, initially, a gearbox automatic with 6 cutting relations which offers traction to 2 or 4 wheels depending on the needs of the driver.

LDV has wanted to give the D90 from the highest level of technology inside which come within the brand. There will be a touch screen of a 8 inch inevitably associated with a system of Infotainment with mobile applications. Other items of equipment has not been disclosed, but the intentions of LDV are to achieve the maximum score in crash tests, so it should come well served airbags and assistants.

His arrival in the Chinese market is planned for the middle of this year. The rest of the global markets will still have to wait for the decision of LDV, but gives us that in Europe we will not see it.

Source – LDV

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