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Lexus GS could disappear from the market next year

El nuevo Lexus GS 300h, con precios y listo para su desembarco en España

Since in the year 1993 was born the first generation of the Lexus GS already has rained a lot. Today we are on the fourth installment of this wonderful luxury sedan. As a leading exponent of what is able to provide us, we have in your catalog to the version with 467 HP F extracted from its gas block in 5 liters of displacement and natural aspiration V8 configuration.

Lexus has spent years offering sedans of luxury in its catalogue, however its product plan might be altered in the next few years. The guys from Lexus Enthusiat have echoed rumors that speak of the possibility that GS wiped out catalog of manufacturer. The reason given is that the CEO of Toyota Motors, Akio Toyoda, almost cancels the current generation when the first steps were taking for launch, as well as having declared that never wanted this model for the firm.

El nuevo Lexus GS 300h, con precios y listo para su desembarco en España

Today we have confirmed that the next generation of the LS will mount a mechanical fuel configuration V6 with turbo. Arriving at your vain engine GS and LS ranges are solaparían and therefore it would make no sense having the smallest model in our catalog. However, the GS is a very important for the manufacturer model because in many markets is vital for sales since LS is positioned a rung higher and its price is significantly higher.

For now there isn’t much more news (and more importantly, that are clear) about the possible death of the GS. Their numbers will endorse today, because last year he managed to sell about 16 thousand units. It remains to be seen if this model falls Lexus catalog to not have substitute or if instead it passed to better life to make way for a new SUV. Another possibility is that Lexus is considering to launch two different ls body (battle short and long battle) occupying the hollow that has been covering the GS.

Time to time, as the current GS left in the market for two to four years.

Source – Lexus Enthusiast

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