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Lincoln unveils the teaser of the Navigator that we see in New York

Lincoln Navigator Concept

Lincoln is the signature premium Ford Motor Company decided to keep its portfolio of brands after disposing of Premier Automotive Group (PAG). Its market is very small, as more than one third of its sales are focused on the United States. They are currently doing their assault on the Chinese market, because they want to replicate the success that Buick is getting. Why Ford Motor managers are finalizing the details of major product offensive they have done in the last twenty years.

One of the models more years leading in the catalog of the mark is the Navigator and therefore its renewal will come in a matter of days. The largest Lincoln SUV is an institution but to aesthetic and technological level remained a step behind their rivals. However, now that the New York automobile show will open its doors to know the next generation that will reach the market.

Lincoln Navigator Concept

An appetizer to what you can find at its booth in New York, the American company has left us a teaser on his official Twitter account. In it we can only see its front and the light signature that mark their projectors led. Despite this secrecy not we must rule out at all the next Lincoln Navigator seem almost to 100 percent to the concept that already presented the brand a couple of years.

With this new generation now brand, in addition to conquer the heart of American customers, you can also do the same with the Chinese. Under your vain engine you will find almost in all likelihood the new mechanical gasoline EcoBoost 3.5 liter displacement and configuration V6 that will yield a power among the 380-400 HP. In addition, it could be associated with some type of electric or hybrid assistance, so clunker emissions data and consumption of the model in a significant way.

Inside still don’t have images or data, but surely rub a very high level. On the other hand not forget that Ford will equip the Navigator of the latest advances in terms of connectivity, equipment safety and driving attendees, then it must fight against the more granados SUV´s of the market. Additional information and photographs (if not leaked ahead of time) when the New York Salon opens its doors.

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