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Lincoln will manufacture your next SUV Luxury in China

Lincoln Navigator concept Salón Nueva York 2016

China car market seems not to touch ceiling. Models that are located in more expensive segments of the market are preferred by Chinese customers and as brands know, you don’t want to miss their piece of the pie. Brands that seems are doing better are the Americans because they have many years within the country. Among them, which takes less time is Lincoln, but with its new range of SUV´s and luxury sedans are doing very good work.

Since Ford Motor decided to take her to the country of the great wall sales have continued to grow. Obviously beside the Buick are still very few, but have a long way to go and improve. Therefore, the directors of the American Group have decided to Lincoln to manufacture their cars in the country and therefore decided that for the year 2019 will be manufacturing on Chinese soil a new SUV.


According to Mark Fields, CEO of Ford, China It is one of the most important markets of the world and for Lincoln is also. Proof of this is that it could be the largest market for the signature when you finish this decade. SUV the signing strategy is met it is therefore very important and to this end would come this model, which for now is not known its name and main technical characteristics.

To achieve its plans, Ford Motor will have the help of its local partner Changan Automobile Group. With them carry out the manufacture of this model (and possibly other) in the city of Chongqing. Thanks to manufacture in the country, accounts of Lincoln will improve, maybe will prevent 25 percent of about cost that have pay to enter their vehicles from the United States.

According to Kumar Galhotra, President of Lincoln “Lincoln product and property in China is booming with Chinese customers, even beyond of our expectations”. Proof of this is that in the two years leading their models on sale in the country, already are enrolling about 33 thousand cars a year, representing one-third of total sales which records the signature in the United States.

Source – Lincoln

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