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Mercedes-Benz is escaping the renewed S-class interior

Mercedes-Benz Clase S interior actual

Currently, Mercedes-Benz has a portfolio of modern, competitive and attractive models. Its range has been upgraded to a pace that not recalled earlier in the House of the star and proof of this is that the current generation of the S-class will change soon. Signature already communicated to us some time ago that April 18 would be virtual so the restyling which apply to its ship logo, but prior to this have suffered a small after feet.

Only 9 days we will have to wait for this Mercedes-Benz to the public of the world hear the changes that have been done on the S-class. However, information that has eased on the main novelties will present the car (attending driving and safety mainly) has crept them a photo of your new interior. This image is the first that we have of the model, because outside yet not has escaped them any.

Mercedes-Benz Clase S Facelift interior 1

If you look at both instant we cannot say that the interior of the S-class has changed a lot. The basic lines that have defined his design not have touched as the main controls, size screens and aeration outlets remain the same. What if has changed, and believe that for the better, it is the steering wheel, as now happens to be three-spoke and sees as its controls are updated.

In addition, at the bottom of the steering wheel there is a detail that makes us discover that Mercedes-Benz could vary the commercial strategy of the class S. In the third arm (lower) we see the inscription Maybach. This name has always been linked to even more exquisite finish or directly to special versions and models differentiated. For this reason, we think that, or we have a far superior version or that Mercedes is thinking of integrating this denomination to raise even more the status of its ship logo.

The keypad that changes is the steering wheel stereo controls, steering wheel and cruise control. In addition, it will include new and improved controls to handle the navigation system as well as the renewed Infotainment System. In addition, also incorporates touch buttons (the two black squares) which has already premiered his younger brother the E-class.

Now there’s nothing left to have more details of the new Mercedes-Benz class S. In addition, we can see it physically in the next Shanghai Auto Show.

Source – Mercedes-Benz

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