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Mercedes-Benz will face before a judge in the United STATES by its BlueTec

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Traditionally the United States has been reluctant to vehicles driven by mechanical diesel. The brands that have tried this have had to abandon this effort before the denial of customers. In addition, another handicap to beat is the fuel prices already to justify a mechanical diesel price which is gasoline is very complicated. As example of this history of failure have to the Oldsmobile Delta 88 that tried to popularize the diesel in the United States in 1978 with a mechanical of 5.7 litres of displacement in format V8 atmospheric.

As well, when consumers already not recalled this story becomes the Volkswagen Group and other European premium manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz to sell new diesel engines. In addition the story isn’t that they want them to sell its low consumption, but by their very low pollution. Total, already know what became the Dieselgate of Volkswagen on the one hand and now a call to courts to the signing of the star.

Mercedes-Benz BlueTEC

It is that after uncovering the scandal of emissions of the group Volkswagen, other manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz have been investigated by the environmental authorities of the country. As a result of these investigations, José Linares, a New Jersey judge has dismissed in part a lawsuit brought by consumers against the mark by having misled on the levels of emissions of the vehicles with BlueTec Clean Diesel technology.

According to this judge Mercedes-Benz, unlike what did Volkswagen, never announced their models as clean and respectful with the environment. Yes did as a little demanding in consumption and saving. However, that demand has been rejected partly does not absolve you from that you probably have to see the faces with their clients before the courts.

The reason is simple. Mercedes-Benz BlueTec Clean Diesel engines have a fuel consumption very low, but when their emissions have been measured in real driving they have surpassed the approved. Therefore, they do not conform to what the regulations and not to do that in the United States is to end in the pillory. So far the manufacturer is working with authorities to solve the problem and to preserve his good name.

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