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Mercedes-Benz will launch their hybrids under the name EQ Power

Mercedes Generation EQ

Mercedes-Benz already us surprised when the Mercedes EQ Concept presented in the Salon of the car of Paris past. This compact full-size electric crossover ahead the lines of what would become his future range of electric vehicles. However, the more advance shows us how will be the first model of this kind that makes the signing of star.

Taking advantage of the launch of its new car for the 2017 of the Formula 1 season, Mercedes-Benz has cast the EQ Power emblem (already in the name of its F1 – Mercedes-AMG F1 W08 EQ Power + car). This designation will be present at each and every one of the hybrid models launching the signing of star. In the case of its more sporty iteration, developed by AMG denomination will be EQ Power +.

Mercedes Generation EQ

The moment chosen by Mercedes-Benz to begin to show this new name will be the Next restyling of the S-class. This model should arrive in the middle of this summer, and when the rest of the mark brothers will join him. What we don’t yet know is whether it will continue using the same engine that so far or will bring significant developments in terms of power or electronics.

What we do know is that the EQ Power name is step independent Mercedes – Benz signature suede to launch its 100% electric cars. The reason is in the information they provided us their managers in the past Hall of the automobile in Paris, when they talked openly of the launch of ten new electric for the year 2025 models and confirmation investment thousand millionaires.

To finish, we will leave a rumor that is circulating on the Internet. According to it has learned with AMG Mercedes-Benz would be planning a new supercar with a 1,000 HP. Such Colts arsenal could come from hybrid V6 mechanics that are riding the cars mark in Formula 1. His codename is “Proyect One” and would be limited to only 300 units produced. How is logical, should take the name EQ Power + that AMG to be mounted at the beginning of your marketing.

The time will say whether or not the rumors are right.

Source – Auto Express

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