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Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross, the Eclipse is back?

Teaser Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

The Mitsubishi Eclipse is back! High, high. Let’s not celebrate too. Mitsubishi Eclipse is a well-respected name in the Japanese brand, and is that this designation was used between the years 1989 and 2012 to call four generations of a model sports who managed to sell more than 1.4 million units worldwide during those 23 years.

Now name changed to Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross, giving life to a new car of type SUV for the brand. Yes, a SUV named Eclipse. Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross is no longer see some other image teaser weeks ago, just as does it now. The new SUV that we see in the pictures you will uncover completely next month during the Geneva Auto Show, the biggest event of the year on developments in the world of motoring.

Teaser Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

This model will take the previous prototype design lines as the XR-PHEV Concept Mitsubishi and former Mitsubishi Concept. Therefore, this combination of lines and name makes us guess that the Japanese manufacturer will reveal us a model SUV with a degree of sportsmanship; a sportsmanship that probably only appears in its aesthetics and not so much in their dynamic behavior. As confirmed by the brand, the new Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross will be a compact, between the ASX and Outlander SUV, which will fight against the Qashqai, Ateca and company.

The signing of the three diamonds says, in its press release that during the presentation at the Geneva Motor Show also premiere a new specific painting for this model in red, inspired by the tones that can be seen during a solar eclipse. We have not forced to wait a few weeks until the event opens on March 7. We wonder if you will need to wear protective glasses by the reflection of this new painting…

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