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More safety systems mandatory for all new cars

Frenada automática emergencia Subaru Outback

The victims in all Europe’s roads have been considerably reduced in recent years. Best infrastructure and safety of routes, as well as the remarkable evolution of the vehicles and their safety systems, make the figures of fatalities, luckily, increasingly lower. Despite this, you have to keep fighting because they are reduced to the minimum possible.

To get an idea of this reduction, in 1990 76.650 people died on European roads, while in 2009 the figure was 35.360 and in 2015 for deceased 26.120. Without doubt the improvement of our roads will have had much to do, but even more measures of active and passive safety of our cars, with systems like the ABS and ESP security active, or the Airbags and programmed deformation bodywork in the case of passive safety.

Now there seems to be a slight stagnation, so the European Commission has developed plans for that certain security measures of our cars sold mandatory in all new vehicles; i.e., that not only they can enjoy them those who can afford it economically speaking, but you buy the car you buy tell this.

Frenada automática de emergencia

Two of the proposals are very interesting, although to tell the truth than other unamas. The most important of all is the system of autonomous emergency braking. If you detect that we are quickly approaching the vehicle which precedes us (or which is standing in front of us), the system of emergency braking is intended to alert us of the situation, and if we have not reacted in a few moments, apply autonomously a powerful braking force; avoiding the shock by scope or considerable reducing the consequences.

On the other hand is the lane-keeping support. There are systems that alert through vibrations or sounds, in addition to visually, that we are leaving our rail, acting provided does not say the flashing. Other systems are capable of taking “partially” steering control by applying a little force on it and guiding the vehicle on the track.

Autonomous emergency braking as the lane-departure warning are required on vehicles heavy trucks and buses. The second can be somewhat annoying, especially on winding roads, but it will prevent a driver get out of the lane in case of a distraction or if that will remain asleep at the wheel.

The objective of the Commission is that the number of deaths on the roads is below the 15,000 dead by 2020.

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