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New Haval H6, the best-selling SUV in China is renewed completely

New Haval H6

Be in the range of a brand the whole road or China’s best-selling SUV is one problem rather than a blessing (or backward, as you look at it). This is what happens to the firm with its H6 Haval. This model has achieved in a very short time win the title of best-selling vehicle in China and the firm do not want to be left behind when their rivals take out nails.

To give generational to this important model and not messing with the design, Great Wall (Haval matrix) has decided to sign (imagine that checkbook coup) to Pierre Leclercq. This designer has already made creations for brands such as Ford and BMW and now is in charge of the design of the oriental signature products.

New Haval H6

The first element that changes the Haval H6, and we do not see with the naked eye, it is their platform. According to the firm technical characteristics of its new base are light which had the previous model years. As proof of this is that it grows in all dimensions and even in wheelbase. With all its cockpit becomes much larger and spacious than the previous generation.

New Haval H6

Another aspect that changes is part of its mechanical range. The new H6 Haval premieres a new engine gasoline with 1.3 liter and turbo. Performance and power have not been revealed but it should be at the height of the propellers which we are seeing among the European manufacturers. At the other end of the mechanical range, continue to keeping the previous block 2 litre petrol with turbo, 145 HP and 315 Nm of torque.

The exterior and interior design are two parts of the H6 that more change. The outside is perhaps which records less changes, since if something works well, it should not be touched much. The interior has been redesigned completely and according to the signing, the materials that cover it are of high quality. Furthermore, as proof of good do the designers and engineers of the firm, H6 Haval will incorporate an instrument panel fully digitall.

This model should be on the market throughout the month of March and its price will be around the 20 thousand euros. Maybe in Europe you would not succeed, but insurance that many customers would not matter have this technology for this price.

Source – Haval

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