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New Volkswagen Beetle, beetle gets handsome

Even though just a few hours ago I have presented the Volkswagen Beetle Dune, we now have to talk about the iconic German model. And is that the Volkswagen Beetle receives renews its image in this restyling to feel more handsome, more manly.

Since the launch of this latest generation in 2011, the beetle ceased to be a somewhat feminine car. It is not that it has made a radical change and it has become a “badass” car, but its image is designed to appeal to a wider range of customers through a more sporty look.
Now, after the new update, the Volkswagen Beetle and Beetle Convertible dan one short hop to sportsmanship, although retaining the Nice essence which brought to get in the last century.

In the exterior incorporates new front and rear bumpers and darkened rear lights drivers. We can also choose among a larger number of colors for the bodywork and new types of rims optional, so the possibility of this new beetle customization increases.


In the cockpit of the Beetle and Beetle Convertible, there are also new options to configure it to our taste thanks to new upholsteries and optional packages that offer us different colour contrasts.

In terms of the different versions, Volkswagen offers us the attraction the Beetle Dune cited, although if the SUV fashion does not go with us have the option to opt for the finished R-Line, that the town car firm has decided to unify together with the Sport line which also marketed so far. The R-Line features, series, Park Pilot parking aid.

Not dynamic improvements have been introduced in this restyling and its range of engines is still the same which was commercialized so far, in other words, we can choose between three versions of TFSI petrol, with powers of 105, 150 and 220 horses, and two engines diesel TDI with 110 and 150 horses. Depending on the mechanics by which we decantemos, our Beetle or Beetle Cabrio can be associated with manual transmissions of 5 and 6 speeds or the robotic 6 and 7 speed DSG.

The price of departure of the new Volkswagen Beetle is 21.330 euros and 25.820 euros for the Beetle Cabrio.



Source | Volkswagen

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