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Next Ford models could incorporate a drinking water tap

Ford grifo agua potable

How many times have made a trip of some distance and each equis time have had that stop to buy bottles of water? Is true that when several-hour trips must stop to rest every two hours and that this comes very well to clear us, stretch your legs and move a little. However can occur, especially when going with more passengers aboard, that the reserves of water is exhausted before it expected.

This itself is what has designed an engineer of Ford. The oval brand allows all its workers freely and voluntarily participate in the development of their cars. The mechanical is very simple: If them workers have a idea that is can apply to the vehicle it exposed before them engineers of development and if this is interesting and is can carry to out is study it form to carry it to out.

This is what has made Doug Martin, one of the engineers from Ford and is very related with the need of water in the cockpit of the car. According to Doug cars equipped with air-conditioning or climate control system when they are running generated a few drops of water that just sprayed on the ground when the vehicle for a few seconds and the system is connected.

As if the condensation of this water and its treatment out viable is could offer a faucet with water drinking in the interior of the car. This system they have baptized it as On-the-go H2O and although simple view the idea it can be Pilgrim, in certain places of the world water scarcity in according to places is a problem and if cars equate a system to collect the condensed water from air conditioning, is it leak and could drink for the occupants would have the solution to this little problem.

Perhaps this idea does not reach the market, but since then Ford can complain that its engineers has no less curious ideas and useful.

Source – Ford

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