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NVidia will test its autonomous car in US soon

NVidia coche autónomo

That autonomous driving has come to stay already nobody puts you in doubt, however marks of cars become a supporting actor against the development of software companies. Today day, brands as BMW is have specialized in that their cars transmit to its driver them sensations of the driving, but in a future very close, with the technology required for them cars are autonomous this not will be possible.

Within the career by the car autonomous is have tucked brands so important and beyond to the sector of the automobile as Google, über, Apple, Samsung, Intel and now you touches the shift to NVidia. This brand is known worldwide by its graphics cards for computers and is competing in the also Intel software development. Both are fighting by be which best software develop for the driving autonomous to the brands of cars is back their customers.

The company of Santa Clara (California, United States) has spent several years working with the Chinese giant Baidu internet and it has developed a system of autonomous driving very advanced for those who are now on the market. This is known as Drive PX2 and already has been proven in environments of driving controlled. In addition, the first version of this system is that mounted Tesla Motors in its Model S from makes some time.

However, for to perfect the technology of this system need test your car autonomous in ways open to the traffic. For it has just received the authorities California permission special so you can try them on streets and highways. In these roads brands as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Honda, Ford, Nissan and Tesla already are testing their cars autonomous, by what now is attached a more to this list.

As curiosity must mention that the new system of autonomous driving Drive PX2 of NVidia will give life to the vehicles that will be Roborace, a competition of cars without a pilot.


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