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Official. General Motors lays off its 2,700 workers of Venezuela

General Motors

A few days ago I had the situation that is going through General Motors in Venezuela. The Latin American country lives its lower hours, because its economy is completely sunken, and Nicolas Maduro does not lead to a change in the Government to improve the situation. The American group reported that the country’s Government has expropriated them the factory in the city of Valencia, about 150 kilometers from the capital, Caracas.

The expropriation of the plant has forced General Motors has cut root their operations in the country. After their expropriation 2,700 workers who were part of the template of the factory had to stay in their homes waiting for news. As well, the American Group has confirmed the worst news because it has been forced to lay off all its workers.

General Motors Planta Valencia Venezuela

The mode in which has has carried out the dismissal is not the most worthy, have proceeded to do so through a text message. Obviously, with the expropriation there was going to resume the production of cars as the country can not be responsible for it. In addition, according to employees of the now-closed General Motors factory, the American Group was already dismantling the facilities before that occurs the fatal fact.

The reason for this action by the American group is that the Government of Venezuela is suffocating taxes hit businesses and impediments to foreign currencies and commodities. However, the Venezuelan automobile sector is touched and sunk as last year’s only total of 3,684 vehicles, were sold ridiculous figure for the potential and population that the Latin American country has.

It remains to be seen if other companies in the sector are at the same destination or if on the contrary the political situation changes in the country. For now General Motors has ceased its operations permanently in the country since it began it in the 40’s of the last century. Now, his presence in the country will be testimonial, because he is only responsible for the sale of spare parts and maintenance of cars still circulating around the country.

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