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Paddy Lowe returns to Williams and Mika Häkkinen at McLaren

Paddy Lowe

As it was rumored, Paddy Lowe after leaving McLaren and his trip to the Mercedes team, finally will be the new Chief Technical Officer of Williams.  The former technical director of Mercedes will be incorporated to Grove not only to play this role, but also as a shareholder of the team. Already been confirmed formally, so rumors have ceased to be, and is already a reality.

Paddy will work side by side with Claire Williams for the sake of historical equipment. It will also next to manager Mike O’Driscoll. So that’s good news for the British team, which even joined their ranks. This is not the first time that Paddy Lowe works in WIlliams, since he was already in the past formed part of the Grove team from 1987 to 1993 before joining McLaren.

Mika Hakkinen

And talking to people who return, McLaren also confirmed that anyone returns. And although the situation in which they are well would have liked that it was Lowe who returns, in this case is a former pilot. I speak of the Finn Mika Hakkinen. And it does not as a pilot, of course, makes it as Ambassador. Something like that done by Lauda in Merecdes or Prost at Renault, old myths that now bind teams to represent them…

Hakkinen comes in a very critical situation for the Woking, and will work in the difficult year with Zak Brown and Mike Flewitt. They will work hard to return to McLaren to the top, although apparently seen, have much work ahead to meet to make that possible. I hope that you go well and they can solve their problems soon, or otherwise have a fairly complicated future. Pedro Martínez de la Rosa has spoken about Honda and he agreed that this is the 3rd year and already was doing well, and hopes the Elimination of tokens to help them…

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