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Peugeot does not attend to the Auto Show in Frankfurt in 2017

Nuevo Peugeot 5008

Since in the year 1898 he opened the first Salon in the Paris automobile it rained a lot. These spaces have been the place chosen by the manufacturers of cars for make public their releases, prototypes and advances technology. However with the evolution that has lived the sector many of them have fallen on misfortune or have last to be biennials to not overlap is with others of importance.

We live this situation in Spain with the lounges of Madrid and Barcelona. Initially were annual until decided to alternate its opening for of this way have all those years a CITES relevant in the country and thus attract to the sector. However the huge economic cost for the brands being present in these rooms makes often have to decide what to be and what to avoid to avoid ending up with the budget allocated to these purposes.

Nuevo Peugeot 5008

Next year will be opened, as usual, with the Detroit Auto Show, but this will follow a few more. In Europe the Frankfurt Auto Show prefigured as a very important appointment however there are firms that have indicated that they will not be present. The gala signing Peugeot announced that in 2017 car it does not attend this meeting .

According to its director of marketing, Guillaume Couzy, Peugeot wants to reduce the budget destined to them halls of the automobile for focus is in other alternative advertising. One of these alternatives is the expansion of advertising and digital communication. The firm believes that the new communication goes to follow this road and therefore have that adapt is to what them future generations expect of them brands. In addition, has also commented that his presence makes no sense in Germany by the low which is their participation (quota) in the German market.

With this change of trend is confirmed that brands are no longer interested in participating in traditional classrooms. The trend is changing towards the presence in fairs technological (the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) of them Vegas is a good example) since the jump that has given the technology and its inclusion massive in them cars has made that them vehicles have last to be seen as an element technological more that as a medium of transport.

There will be that be pending of them movements that made the rest of marks of the panorama since not would be the first time that more than one decided to stay is in house to go is to others places less usual for them.

Source – PSA (Peugeot and Citroen DS)

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