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Porsche Majun, possible small brother of the Macan


CUando became the first Porsche Cayenne at the beginning of this Millennium market many of the more purist porschistas thought that the prophecy of the end of the world was true. Never expected that great all way could obtain the sales success doing that you became the goose’s gold for the brand. So important has become, now we have among us in its second iteration.

However SUV fever rose like foam and Porsche le has not been forced to launch another model similar to the market. The Macan came to complement the Cayenne by the bottom of the fashion segment and as happened to his brother customers have become mad with him. So is true, that the brand could be thinking about giving another smaller brother to the Cayenne.

Porsche Majun Render

Thanks to Theophilus Chin and recreations we have images that keep what could be this new design all way. In the range would be just below the current Macan and would serve to attract new customers who are looking for something more unique and not found in las tres Marías German (Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz). This model could be called Porsche Majun making a game with the name of his immediate older brother and junior (Macan – Junior).

This model has all the ballots to reach the market. You could use the same platform that gives life to the current Audi Q3 and take provided engines turbo four- cylinder of his brother 718. With this combination would have a SUV of about 4.5 meters long and a power range that varies between 240 and 400 HP. Therefore, we are talking about something that no on the market (ignoring the more powerful versions of the X 1 and GLA) and as says that ‘which gives first gives twice’ and already did once.

It wouldn’t be nothing strange to want to repeat the move, although by now there is no official confirmation from the brand.

Source – Theophilus Chin

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