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Qoros and Koenigsegg will present the Super EV project in Shanghai

Qoros Super EV Concept

The automotive industry is so competitive that the collaboration for the development of new technologies is forced between the marks. More if it fits between the manufacturers who have smaller, as the costs that have to take for the development of these plans are much higher. Koenigsegg and Qoros have a long collaboration, as the latter has decided to adopt in vain your cars engine engine without cam shaft which has developed the first.

On this occasion, and on the occasion of the Salon of the Shanghai automobile, have working to shape a new concept which is name “Super EV” model. This vehicle features a sporty design since its silhouette shows lines of coup√©. However, the creators talk that will have interior space for four occupants. Another feature of this concept is that it will be moved exclusively by batteries and according to the data released their benefits will be more than noteworthy.

Qoros Super EV Concept

As you can see in the pictures (teasers), its structure seems very slight. If the data you have provided Qoros and Koenigsegg is certain, its weight will be very light as carbon fibre monocoque chassis has. This feature will also provide a high resistance, because the chassis must deal with a step of 0 to 100 km / h in just 3 seconds. In addition, charging the batteries should allow a range between charges of about 500 kilometers.

Qoros Super EV Concept

The automobile Salon of Shanghai will open soon and will be then when we will have more details on the Qoros (or Koenigsegg Super EV). One of the data which is flowing through the network is the definitive name of the model. According to the gossip of the network the Super EV could move to Qoros 9 Qlectriq. At the level of marketing and communication is a name somewhat far-fetched, but knowing how work the car brands and clients to which are directed certain products would not us surprise nothing to finally be called thus.

Last year Qoros already filed on the same date the concept Q-Lectriq Concept, it would not surprise us nothing if mark decides to keep this name. Other data and information once open its doors the room of the Shanghai automobile.

Source – Qoros

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