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Sales of cars in Italy grow 9.7% in October

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Italy is being hit by earthquakes which are destroying much of its heritage and culture. However Italian society has not stalled and sales of new vehicles are among the sectors that are having better performance during this year 2016 (passenger cars and SUVs). This trend shows that the economy Italian is growing as must and is note in the pocket of the consumer.

During the last month of October the Ministry of transports Italian recorded some sales of 146.632 vehicles new. This means a growth on October of the year 2015 of a 9.7 percent more. If we focus on the sales accumulated during the first ten months of the year, we have that a total of 1.553.394 units have been marketed in Italy. With them is mark a growth on the same period of the year previous of a 16.7 percent.

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The number reached during October is have achieved thanks to the good behavior of the companies rental. These, supported by incentives provided by the Italian Government have made many car hire companies decided to change part of its fleet. As a counterpoint we have the fall suffered by individual customers channel. The first grew 44.6 percent compared with the fall suffered by the seconds of a 4 per cent.

If we focus on the most sold brands that increased growth have experienced have been Hyundai with 20.4 percent next Volkswagen with a 18.7 percent and Peugeot with 13.6 percent. The less have grown, but maintain a positive trend are Opel, Fiat and Renault with a 7.1, 6.5 to 5.4 percent growth. However the case more curious is that experiencing the Japanese Honda. During October has grown a 2 percent, however in the ten first months of the year its growth has been of a fantastic 110.4 percent marking a sales in what carry of year of 8.040 units.

Source-Ministry of transport Italian

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