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Suzuki and Toyota study expand your collaboration agreement

Suzuki Vitara Brezza

Makes some time I mentioned that Suzuki Motors and Toyota Motors Corporation had attached their companies under a agreement of collaboration. Basically at that time they were interested in sharing certain technologies as well as help to penetrate the markets in which both were more desubicadas.

In a first moment this agreement seemed enough, however, as has last the time the circumstances of the market have changed and therefore the agreement must update is with it. Therefore, both firms would have decided extend that first agreement to extend it to another type of aspects that them can report a greater number of satisfactions.

As declared both firms, have been put hands to work to open talks for collaborate on issues such as: technologies relating to clean propulsion systems, security systems and driving attendees, new info entertainment platforms, as well as the use of logistics platforms common to distribution of components and parts for their cars.

Toyota Daihatsu Terios

This agreement is very good for both companies. In the case of Suzuki engineers of the firm will have access to a set of technologies in hybridization systems, hydrogen fuel cell or electric do not have so far. With them will improve their vehicles in order to continue leading the market of small vehicles worldwide.

In the case of Toyota, this agreement benefits in terms of entering markets that still is not present or it is costing you much settle. One of them is the India since the return of their investments in this market Asian not is has seen corresponded with the efforts made. By this, of the hand of Suzuki could enter with a better network of distribution or perhaps with products adapted to the tastes local.

With the reformulation of this agreement Toyota Motors has attained create one of those super agreements of the sector of the automobile world. At the same time that the Japanese firm maintains this loop with Suzuki also has others with Subaru or Mazda. This situation not is ranked by any other manufacturer of cars in the world, since only is da among conglomerates that have relationship corporate and of property.

Source – Suzuki – Toyota

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