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Suzuki Swift also renewed at the Geneva Motor Show

Suzuki Swift 2017

But without making much noise, Suzuki has used the Geneva Motor for the renewal of the Suzuki Swift. It has a few months to be marketed in their country of origin, Japan, but it had not yet been presented for the European market. Until today. The Japanese brand says that the new model maintains the Swift DNA, and the truth is that it is still entirely recognizable as a Suzuki Swift.

The Japanese brand wanted it, developing under the motto “brilliant evolution of DNA Swift“. This means that, while you save many similarities with its predecessor, have introduced innovations that may go unnoticed to the naked eye, but are of great importance. Some news that I detail below.

Suzuki Swift 2017

First, the new urban Suzuki is 1 cm shorter (3.84 meters) in its full length but, nevertheless, the wheelbase has been increased by 2 cm (2.45 meters). This achieved a cockpit with more space. It is also lower than 1.5 cm (1.49 meters) and 4 cm wider (1.73 meters), getting a real image of greater width. The volume of the trunk has grown considerably, from 200 to 254 litres capacity. But there is still much more.

Designers have reduced the total weight of the set at 120 kilos, standing now at a minimum of 840 kilos. Moreover it is more labor-saving 5% on their fuel consumption, quieter 3% and 8% more aerodynamic. One of the things that are required to an urban model is its agility and ability to spin, and the new Suzuki Swift has reduced the minimum turning radius 40 cm despite using a wider body.

Suzuki Swift 2017

The revised suspension also helps to improve the dynamism and the stability of the car, as well as to achieve greater comfort and a more direct address. In all it has had much to see the platform Heartect. It fell updated Japanese hood we find a Dualjet 1.2 tetracilindrico with 91 HP engine and propeller 1.0 Boosterjet three-cylinder.

But, in addition, it now has some important technological improvements in the field of active safety. Among other things, we have a system of automatic braking emergency, alert involuntary change of lane, fatigue detector, long lights Assistant or adaptive cruise control.

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