Tuesday , December 7 2021
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Luis Moya has an accident while driving his motorcycle


Luis Moya, who was co-pilot of Carlos Sainz, It has suffered an accident while he was driving his motorcycle. Luis, who spent a few days in Barcelona, has not been damaged from consideration, although there are some injuries. Apparently, a car hit his motorcycle in the area of Ronda de …

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Exculpada Tesla of the fatal accident of a driver in a Model S


When Tesla launched to market the Model S and the possibility of their drivers could use their car in semi-autonomous manner, many were thought that it was already de facto an autonomous car. Truth is that the Autopilot technology has improved to be able to drive the car almost without …

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This could be the first accident of a Bugatti Chiron


Bugatti Chiron It was presented during the month of March, at the Geneva Motor Show. Since then is has left see in some places like Goodwood, besides show is during their tests extreme. Today I show you could be the first accident of the supercar. At least, is the first …

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Beware of the Drift of the Ford Focus RS mode, this (video) can happen


One of the most peculiar systems bringing the Ford Focus RS is driving Drift mode. Having integral traction and electronically controlled differentials that can manage each wheel individually, came to the designers of the compact sports a configuration that, rather than improve traction out of curves, send more torque to …

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Two people die in an accident at the Nurburgring


Nurburgring returns to news and not by any record time. Last weekend, in the popular German circuit, there was an accident which ended with two fatalities. In addition, three more people were injured, some gravity, among which there were Commissioners who were helping the wounded. This circuit, available so that …

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