Tuesday , October 26 2021
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Autonomous car

Google Waymo are looking for drivers to test its autonomous cars


Autonomous driving is a reality that takes very little time to reach our lives. The car brands go ahead with their projects and plans to incorporate much before their cars the necessary technology which converts them into autonomous machines. Google and its subsidiary Waymo continue working side by side with …

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BMW will have its first autonomous car on the street to 2021


Autonomous driving is slowly coming to the car brands that spend more budget to research and development of new technologies. BMW is one of those brands, because for years has been considered as the firm most of its annual budget allocated to this task. Proof of its technological advances showed …

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Über fails its autonomous cars lead single distances


The arrival of autonomous über car, always according to the American firm, will occur for before 2020. They have long been performing the tests necessary to point the technology that they will include their cars and it seemed that it had everything under control. Obviously we must not ignore the …

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Subaru has permission from California to test its autonomous car


So the autonomous driving can become a reality, brands that are working on autonomous cars must try them to Polish their faults. The question arises in what often can try them ourselves in the countries that are being created and therefore have to move its engineers working on the ground. …

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