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Be certain this rumor about the BMW i3?


During the month of may the gala brand announced that his BMW i3 extended its range of autonomy up to 300 kilometres through the incorporation of a new battery. This news was materialized from the summer, when BMW began with the new 33 kWh batteryelectric urban marketing. The battery takes …

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A BMW i3 of second generation is possible but, to when?


The BMW i3 came to light in 2013, being the first model of the BMW brand i of the German manufacturer. At the end of that same year he threw to the market, for a price higher than the 35,000 euros in our market. This model fully electric came with …

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London 52 BMW acquires i3 as fire engines


The British city of London has acquired a generous fleet of 52 BMW i3 which will be destined entirely to the fire department of the city. Can seem something strange that a body of fire use a car of reduced dimensions as the BMW i3, but their work not always …

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