Tuesday , November 30 2021
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Marc Márquez WINS BMW M Award and takes this BMW M2


Marc Márquez recently proclaimed champion of the world of Moto GP after a very good season. We all know that one of its main virtues are the classifications, work on Saturdays which is awarded with the BMW M Award. Marquez has made with this award for the fourth consecutive time, …

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Ahead of a BMW M2 GTS, due to Alpha-N Performance


It BMW M2 is a coupé contained dimensions and highest sportiness. Its body of three volumes, three-door and sports and differentiating ways make us see that it is not a model of the heap, and is signed coming with “M” of BMW Motorsport. Uses a propellant turbo six-cylinder in line …

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BMW M2 and Ford Mustang will face in a drag race


Today we get a drag race from those that you never know what can happen. They will face the BMW M2 against the Ford Mustang GT in a career of acceleration that will leave enough conclusions. On the one hand the German sports, is the access to the BMW M …

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Could get a BMW series 2 Gran Coupe and its corresponding M2


BMW Concept Compact Sedan Series 2 of BMW currently has many versions within its range. But it could still have space for more, since are considering creating a BMW series 2 Gran Coupe. We already know these acronyms because they have been present in the series 4 and 6 series, …

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