Wednesday , October 20 2021
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24 hour hybrid Toyota, a third edition focused on efficiency

Already there are three editions of 24 hybrid Toyota, a competition held in the circuit of Albacete, which each year brings together journalists from across the country to fight each other. The objective is clear, to measure the ability to shoot in circuit, maximizing the number of turns and minimizing …

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Lotus Elise Race 250, the new model only for circuits


Yesterday same spoke of the next generation of the Lotus Elise that could reached in 2020. But those are issues for the future, today we focus on the present because we just know the Lotus Elise Race 250. This model takes as a basis the Elise Cup 250, but unlike …

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Two killed in a tragic accident at the old Nürburgring

The tragedy becomes a time more to the old layout of Nürburgring. On this occasion have died two tourists that rolled with a Honda Civic and that ended up impacting against a car of security of the organization. Apparently, the driver of the Civic could not have complied with yellow …

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