Wednesday , October 20 2021
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Volvo confirms that its first car 100% electric will occur in China


Swedish brand, Volvo has announced, during the celebration of the Hall of the Shanghai carits first fully electric-powered vehicle will be produced in China, confirming rumours that had long suggesting this strategy of the car maker. With this move Volvo makes clear the importance of this market in their plans …

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Bosch unveils new systems for electric cars in Detroit


At the Detroit Auto Show have not only become super cars and new models. American Sign also serves as a showcase that components and automotive parts companies take their latest innovations and systems to improve the cars. The German manufacturer Bosch components is one of the largest and most important …

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Electric cars will modify part of their aid in South Korea


So the sale of cars driven by electricity will increase these should improve two of their points critical. The first and most obvious is little autonomy they still have and the second is that its price is still high in comparison to the rest of the cars. Some countries, as …

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Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi manufactured cars electric joints


Yesterday we informed you that the Alliance Renault-Nissan is developing a new platform that give life to the substitutes of the Leaf and Zoe. With it the costs of development of both vehicles would be diminished in a sensitive way and the return on this investment could be obtained much …

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Ultra fast charging will become a reality in the year 2018


The majority of brands of the sector of the car want to have a vehicle electric in their ranges in question of a lustro. Many of them have not encouraged even in case still raised in customers autonomy and durability of your batteries. However every day what is is improving …

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Ion air batteries are closer to the market


The race for the electric vehicle is being tested to engineers of the brands that have a vehicle in this segment of the market. Your batteries should cover each time a distance greater between refills and that is making that the research in the field grow to rhythms never seen. …

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Wallbox updated their systems of charging for electric vehicles


Wallbox is a company with headquarters in our country that is dedicated to the systems of charging for vehicles electrical. They have taken advantage of the fair eCarTec held in Munich (Germany) to present its latest innovations in this sector. We speak of the Wallbox Commander and Wallbox press, two …

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Fisker E -Motion the successor of the Karma already is here


Fisker Inc is the result of the ashes of the first Fisker Automotive. This company, based in California (United States) presented to the market first Fisker Karma back in the year 2008 at the Detroit Auto show. The Karma was one of the first hybrid electric cars plug-in market, however, …

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