Monday , September 20 2021
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Ford will test its autonomous cars in Europe in 2017


Autonomous driving is the cornerstone on which large car manufacturers are working. Is your great bet of future and by this not leave of perform tests and test for its technology is it more tuned possible for its launch to the great public. Ford is one of the firms that …

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Confirmed: Renault Kwid finally will not come to Europe


The Renault Kwid is a product designed and intended for emerging countries. Its main markets are the India and Latin America, however in Renault had thought that you could throw in other Western markets under the name Dacia. The problem is that GlobalNCAP carried out crash tests relevant to this …

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Toyota wants to improve its image to be stronger in Europe


Toyota, despite those results economic announced makes some days, has placed many hopes in the market European. It is one of the most important pillars for the Japanese firm and thanks to the revitalization that is living its range of models is achieving greater acceptance among buyers of the old …

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Tesla will build its ‘Gigafactory-2’ Europe the coming year


Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, It has spent these days for Europe and has to talk about. Firstly by the acquisition of Grohmann Engineering, an engineering company to get a stand-alone manufacturing process refers to that as “the machine that builds the machine”. During the press conference he dropped the …

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Borgward will build a factory in Bremen to start its activity


For those that not it know, it German Borgward came to be the third largest manufacturer of cars of your country. However the company broke in 1961 and spent to the forget, since them successors of Carl F.W. Borgward it left in stand by until we learned that would present …

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The Alfa Romeo Giulia will be taking positions in Europe


The history of Alfa Romeo is exciting and Centennial, however, seems that he is now living a unique moment. Over the past decade, we have seen how the biscione House did not know very well if it was on land premium, generalist or between two waters. This situation, United to …

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According to the EEA cars pollute up to three times more on road


With the crisis of the Dieselgate of the Volkswagen Group, it seems that the consciences of the more powerfulhave softened. However that them cars pollute, the air of our cities, not is something new and that had to do something with the issue nor. But the hypocrisy is installed in …

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