Friday , October 22 2021
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The fourth generation of the Audi A3 can be reached by 2019


The First generation Audi A3 came to the market in the latter part of the Decade of the 90s. Its compact body design youth compared to the rest of the range and TDI engines revolutionaries got that soon become the Compact premium reference; scratching sales even to the footballer Volkswagen …

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The next Bentley will count with versions hybrid


English luxury, Bentley , car manufacturer is experiencing an era of change. The arrival on the market of large SUV’s hyper luxury Bentayga will allow you to gain followers at the same time to increase their sales significantly. In addition, if all this were not enough, its range of models …

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The Seat Ibiza will surely arrive during next summer


Much is carries talking in recent months about the powerful offensive product seat entering the segment of the SUVs with the Ateca and future SUV’s more contained dimensions that will receive the name of Arona, as well as the new generation of the Seat Ibiza, the most important model for …

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A BMW i3 of second generation is possible but, to when?


The BMW i3 came to light in 2013, being the first model of the BMW brand i of the German manufacturer. At the end of that same year he threw to the market, for a price higher than the 35,000 euros in our market. This model fully electric came with …

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It will be difficult to see a second generation of Subaru BRZ


BRZ Subaru is one of those cars that, without using an engine of enormous numbers of power, is able to transmit feelings of authentic sports, making it a very special car. Its price nor is excessively high, because that costs little more than 30,000 euros, but its little versatility with …

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