Monday , October 18 2021
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Hyundai Genesis will an own sales channel in China


As the automobile sector has evolved the gap between manufacturers has gone done broader. The strategy has focused on two poles of the market. The first brands that it bet everything on price and rational cars (Dacia) and the second the trademarks premium aspirational models (DS, Genesis). This situation has …

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Hyundai hires Bugatti Chiron designer for Genesis


To beginning of the Decade of them two thousand which is bought a car of Hyundai and Kia it was because its price was of shootdown. Not had an equipment out of it common and its design and finishes were rather mediocre, however with the advent of the new Millennium …

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Genesis will open its first dealership in Korea of the South


Genesis not has fulfilled or a year, but already is part of the panorama of the car today. The brand premium Hyundai will open this week its first franchisee. The chosen site could be none other than the outskirts of Seoul, in South Korea, birthplace of the brand. This new …

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Hyundai delayed the arrival of Genesis in Europe up to 2020


Genesis G90 At the end of last year, Hyundai launched a new sub-brand for their more luxurious models. His name is Genesis and arrived to give a premium thanks to new vehicles for most demanding and exclusive customers. This mark has already started to operate in the country of origin, …

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