Tuesday , October 26 2021
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Google Waymo are looking for drivers to test its autonomous cars


Autonomous driving is a reality that takes very little time to reach our lives. The car brands go ahead with their projects and plans to incorporate much before their cars the necessary technology which converts them into autonomous machines. Google and its subsidiary Waymo continue working side by side with …

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Über hires hit book to Amit Singhal of Google engineer


Autonomous driving continues his frenetic pace and by now, together to Tesla Motors, über is the firm that seems to bring more benefit to the traditional manufacturers of cars. The American company continues with tests of its autonomous cars in various States of the United States. Besides this, in the …

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Waymo, the company’s cars autonomous from Google


Every day is more than spoken autonomous driving and reasons we need not to do so. All brands want to have a car with autonomous technology on the market. In addition, to this race not only they have signed up traditional manufacturers of cars, but actors from sectors as diverse …

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