Tuesday , November 30 2021
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Important movements of Heads of design at Nissan and Infiniti


All change work or undertaking in any or several times during our life. That he told competition pilots, or mismamente, to the players. The same happens with employees from senior members of the different car manufacturers. Sometimes, they pass from a brand to another, even if they are direct competition. …

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The Alliance Renault-Nissan Mercedes-Benz stronger than ever


The signature premium of Nissan, Infiniti, takes many years working to grow and convert is in a rival to the height of Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, Audi and BMW. This work has been focused to the growth of the range of products offered by the manufacturer and as proof of this we …

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Infiniti closes 2016 with a global sales record


Be a signature of luxury “start-ups” (put recent in quotation marks because it is so recent, nor has been many years in the market) is having to make a titanic work to earn the credibility of customers and Infiniti is getting it. The firm Nissan premium increasingly is gaining more …

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